Owner, Personal Trainer
Fitness Trainer
Certified Nutritionist

I am the owner and a trainer at Bodyworks. My focus is creating a healthy and fit environment so that each one of my clients can get a quality workout and in turn a better quality of life.

I enjoy working with the older population, people who have health challenges and anyone who wants to achieve a more balanced life through fitness and healthy eating. While struggling with my own health issues, I have found my own balance with staying strong and healthy through not eating processed packaged foods, eating a whole food diet, incorporating healthy supplements as needed and continuing to incorporate exercise into my life on a regular basis..

My passion for fitness began at an early age. I was a gymnast through my grammar school years and then began  running in my early teens. While in college studying nutrition I worked in health clubs teaching aerobics, yoga and privately training clients.

  • I have been a certified trainer through American Counsel on Exercise-ACE since 1996
  • A certified nutrition counselor with The Optimal Performance Institute since 2004
  • A certified Lifestyle and Behavioral Coach since March of 2013
  • AED and CPR certified

I specialize in core and strength training to increase overall energy and help my clients create a lean body mass. I am adamant about form and integrity of movement. I combine cardiovascular training, core and stability (balance) exercises with strength and resistance training, and also integrate stretching and foam rolling techniques to help keep your physical body balanced. All of these combined create a powerfully efficient program for my clientele.

In addition to fitness training at Bodyworks, I enjoy wake boarding, snow skiing, hiking, walking, biking, gardening, reading, yoga and spending time with my pups and family.